On Location: the Salton Sea

Looking back towards the shoreline of the Salton Sea. ©2014 John Halpern

John has recently partnered up with long-time friend and colleague Ricardo Gutierrez, adding video filming and production to his list of creative services. Part of their latest video project was shot in San Diego and edited in New York, and always the curious traveler and location scout, John knew that he had to spend an extra day to visit the Salton Sea, a 2 hour drive from San Diego.

View across the Salton Sea. ©2014 John Halpern

The Salton Sea is a lake situated about 130 miles east of San Diego, it is 15 miles wide and 35 miles long, 225 feet below sea level and has a salinity content of over 40%. The only fish that can survive that environment is the tilapia, whose bodies and bones litter the edge of the shore.

Desiccated tilapia. ©2014 John Halpern

For a period in the 1950's and 60's there was an attempt to make it a family fun destination, but in current times John found the area to be mostly desolate. A local power company is now buying up a lot of the land, interested in taking advantage of the geothermal activity around the lake.

Ricardo by the Sea. ©2014 John Halpern

“I have always wanted to visit the Salton Sea. Ever since my rock & roll shooting days, I’ve thought it would be a great location to photograph a band. Seeing it did not disappoint.”

John stops to capture the scenery en route to the Salton Sea. ©2014 Ricardo Gutierrez